Bella Hadid before surgery, sets a high celebrity bar

bella hadid before surgery, People think I had all these surgeries or did this or that. And what do you know? We can scan my face, sweetheart. I’m afraid to get fillers for my lips. I don’t want to get my face dirty.” In an interview in 2018, when she was 21 years old, Bella Hadid said that to people who didn’t like her.

Bella Hadid Now

Even back then, she had been rumored to have had plastic surgery for years, and her millions of Instagram followers constantly said mean things about her. (“God bless you, sweetheart. She said in response to one accusation, “Jealousy is a cry for help, and I wish I could help you.”

However, she has finally come clean at age 25. In a recent interview with Vogue, Bella Hadid before surgery admits that she had a regrettable nose operation at age 14. “I wish I had retained my forefathers’ noses. I believe I would have matured into it.”

She denies had surgery elsewhere and claims she’s never had fillers. According to her mother, Real Housewives star Yolanda Hadid, she has never had Botox. She commented on Instagram that none of her children had ever used fillers or Botox or injected anything alien into their bodies. “After witnessing what I went through to remove my breast implants, they have a greater understanding.”

Instead, Bella attributes her shifting appearance to… facial tape.

So, do you believe her? Let’s take a deeper look at her beauty makeover from 2010 to the present.

Bella Hadid before surgery

Bella Hadid before surgery
Bella Hadid before surgery and after

Bella’s first red carpet, aged 14 She dyed her natural blonde hair brown. (“I’m simply darker,” she said.) Being blonde and brunette separates my sister and myself well.) While her hair color hasn’t changed, her facial characteristics have. I assume this shot was taken before her surgery based on her unusual nose.

Sometimes it’s impossible to determine whether a celebrity has plastic surgery or if her face just aged. Bella’s different. Comparing the two photographs, it’s evident she had assistance (tape, needles, a knife!).

She insists on having merely a rhinoplasty. People say I messed up my face due of a bloated adolescent photo. You don’t look like you did at 13 do you? No filler. Stop it. It’s OK, but I’m not interested. Face tape, if you’re wondering. “An ancient trick”

bella hadid before and after

Bella Hadid before surgery
Bella Hadid before surgery Evaluation

Experts, please. What else has she had, except a nose job?

Dr. Anthony Youn believes her lips resemble injectable filler. Face tape can be dramatic for the lower face and neck, but I haven’t seen it for the brows and eyes.

Miss Hadid looks to have cheek fillers. Dr. Norman Rowe says she had lip injections to add volume. “She may have underdone a brow lift or Botox.”

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Her top eyelids and brow arch have altered. Her face is more angular and thin. Filler injections or face cosmetic surgery might cause it, explains Dr. James Marotta .

And what about buccal fat removal? Dr. Matthew Schulman believes her jawline and cheekbones are more pronounced. “Buccal fat pad reduction or cheek fat removal may do this. Her large chin may be from a chin implant.


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