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As is widely known, Sewwandi Ranathunga quest to become like her mother began when she was just thirteen years old, and she has since confirmed that she sings with a well-learned competence in the field of music. One family friend, lyricist Ratmale Bandula Gunawardena, was privy to Sewwandi’s and Nirmala’s special bond. In order to satisfy his father Wijeratne Ranathunga, he assembled the proper words to the song “Hina Mal Podak,” which was recorded in a video as a duet with mother Nirmala to the music melody and composition of father. Sewwandi still performs this song as a solo at many of his performances, since it continues to be a fan favorite.

Sewwandi Ranathunga

Sewwandi Ranathunga attended Musaeus College in Colombo 7, where she developed her singing talent. Despite the common belief that “you arrive with nothing and you go with nothing,” she maintains that every person is born with unique skills that should be developed. Sewwandi’s musical trajectory is clearly unhurried and moves at a snail’s pace.

She said that she is well-aware of her own limitations, and as a result, she never challenges herself by taking on anything too difficult.

Though she had a few songs captured on video, only she and her cousin sister Anuradha Nandasiri are allowed to perform Aunty Niranjala Sarojini’s songs out of respect for her late husband Abeywardena Balasooriya and out of principle. According to this plot, she performs on concerts and other TV shows where Niranjala is a guest singer.

She was no stranger to this kind of thing, having performed in concerts both at home and abroad often. It’s worth noting that Sewwandi Ranathunga is so accomplished a singer that she can effortlessly do the sols or duets of other artists, even guys. She performed a duet with her mother, Nirmala, on the male version of the song “Oba Mata Tharuwaki” during the recent Hiru TV ‘Shadow’ show honoring the late legendary artist Lakshman Wijesekera. Sewwandi’s extensive musical expertise has earned her invitations to sing at a wide variety of outdoor events featuring the music of a wide range of bands, including (but not limited to) Flashback, Arrow Star, Mariners, Full Blast, Piliyandala Flash, Sampath Live, Silver Flash, and many more.

Sewwandi’s son and daughter share her musical interests and her skill for singing, but she claims they have no desire to follow in her musical footsteps and instead want to pursue careers in other areas.

Sewwandi is reluctant to go against her parents’ desires because of her fond memories of being coddled as a child.

Since she is the kind of performer who stays within her ranges rather than venturing too far from her trademark skill, she used the time she had during the lockdowns to focus on personal matters at home, including experimenting with new songs with melodies she finds pleasing. Sewwandi Ranathunga is in high demand as a singer and is often asked to appear on various TV shows.

Recently, she and Amila Nadeeshani sang in Swarnavahini ‘Raa Padura’, a collection of songs honoring the life and legacy of the late Visharada Neela Wickremasinghe. Once in a while, she’ll agree to appear on any of the lively TV stations’ conversation shows.

She just appeared on TV Derana’s “Ma Novena Mama,” where she was required to perform covers of songs by other artists.

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Together with other luminaries including Ishak Beg, Supriya Abeysekera, Janaka Wickremasinghe, etc., she appeared on the Siyatha television show “Siyathahimani” to celebrate the country’s 74th year of independence.

Based on her natural talent and the skills she acquired via her family, Sewwandi has earned the title of “capable senior artiste.” She can sing any song with ease, no matter how difficult or unfamiliar it may be.

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