Simple Beauty Secrets That Vintage Beauty Icons Used

The first thing that may come to mind when you think of Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and Grace Kelly is how they all looked very stunning. They weren’t going for a generic style and instead playing up what made them unique. Today’s society places a heavy emphasis on appearance, leading many women to believe they must use heavy makeup to fit in. Fortunately, though, retro beauty routines are seeing a renaissance. Look no farther than this list of 9 tried-and-true beauty hacks from the past if you want to stand out.



Once upon a time, supermodels and attractive actresses knew that the key to success was perfecting the art of the pout. Lipstick and gloss are essential, regardless of whether you’re going for a subtle or daring lip color. As a general rule, lip liner is best avoided unless it is either completely neutral or happens to complement your natural lip color. Complete your lip makeover with a gloss that adds volume to your lips, and apply your favorite lip color all over. Women, your days of putting on lip balm or clear gloss before heading out for a night on the town are done. It’s one thing to sport pursed lips when going the gym for a workout, but it’s quite another while hitting the dance clubs or having dinner with the person you have the hots for.

Sultry Eyes

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This appearance, popularized by Marilyn Monroe and dubbed “bedroom eyes,” is universally adored by men, but it’s just as popular among women. Plus, it’s not too complicated to implement. Using a lighter shade as a foundation and a darker shade in the crease is all that’s required to get a stunning eye look. The last touches are eyeliner and a mascara with plenty of volume, like L’Or√©al Voluminous or Hard Candy Ginormous. It gives the illusion of depth and dimension to the viewer’s eyes. The results are enlarged eyes with longer lashes. You’ll soon resemble a Disney princess!


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It’s only natural to think about your face first when considering beauty hacks, but don’t neglect your body! Having a curvaceous appearance is not a bad thing. Keep telling yourself that! There is absolutely no shame in flaunting a curvaceous appearance. You need to increase your calorie intake and do activities that focus on the butt and hips to see results. Naturally attractive qualities will begin to emerge in you before you realize it. It’s a common misconception that women who are curvaceous are also obese. Marilyn Monroe’s lovely, shapely, legendary physique is remembered today because of the fats she ate.


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Curly hair was a popular hairstyle in the 1940s and 1950s, as seen by vintage celebrity portraits. Curls, whether loose or tight, were a fashion statement that demonstrated sophistication and power that straight hair just cannot. Than get this style, heated rollers are preferable to a curling iron. More than that, it’s a lot easier to do this way. You may go about your morning as usual, eating breakfast and doing makeup, until it’s time to remove the rollers, rather than sitting there with a curling iron waiting for your hair to become crispy. After removing them, you may simply use your finger to brush your hair.

Big Hair

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Big hair is one style that has stood the test of time. Jane Fonda, Brigitte Bardot, and Raquel Welch were just a few of the actresses that became known for their enormous hairstyles in the ’60s and ’70s.

For what reason has it persisted as a well-liked trend in hairstyles? This style stands out from the crowd because it’s daring, feminine, and makes a statement that more subtle cuts can’t. There’s no denying that big hair is glamorous, and we’re all for it.

Dark Eyeliner

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Dark eyeliner, which we’ve already shown works well when coupled with eyeshadow and mascara to get “bedroom eyes,” may also be applied on its own to emulate the appearance of a classic Hollywood starlet. Always choose black if you want the greatest outcomes.

High Cheekbones

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Of course, not everyone is blessed with prominent cheekbones, but with a little work, you may appear just like your favorite classic Hollywood stars. Create facial definition with the use of a contouring cream or powder. The effects will be spectacular. It’ll be like you’re a whole new lady!You’ll be the talk of the roller rink with these no-fuss, time-tested beauty tips from yesteryear. Do you have a particular beauty idol from the past that you’ve always wanted to channel? Well, now you can!

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