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Sewwandi Ranathunga | Fashion, Style, Photos

As is widely known, Sewwandi Ranathunga quest to become like her mother began when she was just thirteen years old, and she has since confirmed that she sings with a well-learned competence in the field of music. One family friend, lyricist Ratmale Bandula Gunawardena, was privy to Sewwandi’s and Nirmala’s special bond. In order to

Sri Lankan Modern Redda hatte By Manjula Kumari

Redda hatte is another unique style of Sri Lanka and one that is less popular nowadays. This style is popular as a festival style and Sri Lankan women used to wear this style in the past, but it was not so unattractive. But Lankan actress Manjula Kumari recently wore a new cloth top style. Photos

Songstress Uresha Ravihari

Uresha Ravihari Wickremasinghe is a singer-songwriter from Sri Lanka. Ravihari is widely regarded as one of the best female playback singers in Sri Lanka’s Sinhala cinema, and she has received several accolades in Sri Lanka’s film and television festivals, including the Sarasaviya Awards for Best Vocalist for three years running. On June 26, 1982, she

Nathalie Emmanuel Hot glamour Images

Nathalie Emmanuel, whose given name is Nathalie Joanne Emmanuel, is a British actress who was born in Southend-on-Sea on March 2, 1989. Beginning her acting career in the late ’90s, Nathalie Emmanuel Hot went on to perform in various West End shows, including The Lion King. Having made her acting debut in the 2006 episode

Latest hot Images of Divyanka Tripathi

Divyanka Tripathi is a television personality who is recognized in the industry as the Ishima of simplicity and sweetness. However, she is also a fiery and hot diva. The attractive actress is generally considered as having one of the most beautiful faces in the world of television. She is also known for having the reputation

Tamanna Bhatia South Movie Actress Sexy Hot Pics

Tamanna Bhatia South Indian actress who is merely employed in the movies for the sole purpose of adoring the protagonist and for certain hot song scenes for the sole purpose of exposing her attractive milky navel. Tamanna Bhatia is now the most popular actress working in south Indian films. She is really attractive both in

Kandyan Saree, Osariya Traditional Saree Outfit

About Kandyan Saree Sri Lanka is home to numerous unique cultural groups, including Indian Tamilians and the Sinhalese majority, and it is essential to be aware of this fact. Other civilizations in Sri Lanka wear Kandyan Saree that are more representative of their own communities. History With over 15 million members globally, the Sinhalese community

Simple Beauty Secrets That Vintage Beauty Icons Used

The first thing that may come to mind when you think of Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and Grace Kelly is how they all looked very stunning. They weren’t going for a generic style and instead playing up what made them unique. Today’s society places a heavy emphasis on appearance, leading many women to believe they